I teamed up with the amazing Mindset Specialist, Michelle Stuart, and together we created an awesome VIP Breakthrough Package just for you. We are rolling out the red carpet. 

  • We will start with your mindset to discover and remove any mental obstacles standing in your way.
  • We will uncover the real relationship you have with yourself. Together, we will strategically create a new way of being that is serving for you and for all your existing relationships. 
  • We will revamp your sensual and sexual side which will increase your confidence, charisma and charm.
  • We believe that the energy we walk around with also stems from our home environment. Michelle is a genius with feng shui and will create an inviting and warm energy within your home.
  • With all the changes to becoming a new you, a new image is necessary. Hair, make-up, and wardrobe.

This is a major change that is necessary for many. Because of the time, energy and effort that goes into this, we are only accepting one VIP client per month. If you are interested, or if you would like to nominate a friend to take on this life changing experience, please fill out the application form below. All entries will be carefully reviewed by us and the chosen one will be notified at the beginning of the month.

A VIP BREAKTHTHROUGH PACKAGE is 2 months in duration. This is how our time will roll out:

  • Week 1: Intake and Transformation day. 8 hrs
  • Week 2: Coaching 90 mins
  • Week 3: Coaching 90 mins
  • Week 4: Hair/makeup makeover 2 hrs
  • Week 5: Coaching 90 mins
  • Week 6: Feng Shui your environment 2 hrs
  • Week 7: Coaching 90 mins
  • Week 8: Wardrobe Enhancement 2 hrs

NOTE: The coaching can be done in person, or online. What is done in those hours depend on what is needed. Everything is fully customized for maximum results achieved.


Maria Espinosa


Michelle Stuart