I live down the road of intersectionality: I am Queer. I am Gender Fluid (pronouns: she/her). I am a POC (my heritage is from the beautiful islands of the Philippines). And I used to work in the adult industry hosting numerous underground parties and shindigs. I've been there, and I get it. Really get it.

I've had the tough conversations of coming out to friends and family. Some stuck by me, others faded off. The journey to feel like I belong started with realizing I needed self acceptance first. I am here now, and I am Proud.

I've experienced racism - both passive aggressive, and in your face racism - that sometimes left me questioning if I was enough. I am Enough.

I've been on the rollercoaster of emotions that open relationships can bring you to. The delicious, warm highs of a new person and all the butterflies that comes with that. And the green eyed monster of insecurities that sometimes stands in the way. It's all about managing your emotions and I've finally discovered the easy button for that.

If you are in an open relationship because you want to explore others as a couple, or because you desire multiple connections at a time without the hierarchy of a primary, or because you work as an adult entertainer, you understand the need of controlling your emotions, the need of flexible communication and the need for a ton of date nights! I've got you covered. (FYI - Get Lucky: Curated Date Nights is coming soon!)

The basis of my coaching is founded on the principle that inclusive relating skills is the foundation of the modern community. Bringing people together through respect, communication and a whole lotta lovin'!

I have an extensive certified background as a Master NLP Practitioner, a Master NLP Specialty Results Coach, a Master Hypnosis Practitioner, a Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner, and as an NLP Trainer. I can guarantee you the change and the results you desire in your relationship, and within yourself.

It's easier to make changes and upgrade you, your relationship, and your sex life with a coach on your side. Allow me to help guide and build you to the next levels of yourself, your relationships, and your bedroom play.


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