Do you feel stuck in your love life? Is there a wild, sensual beast inside you just dying to be unleashed, and find it difficult to share your needs with your partner? Are you ready to tap into that inner sexual God/Goddess, and build a long-lasting relationship built on trust, communication, and amazing sex?

I’m Maria Espinosa and I started Love Jones Empowerment for people just like you. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about how a healthy sex life can be “good dirty fun”, and can also strengthen relationships for life.

Through my coaching practice, I help you break down the barriers that repress complete sexual fulfillment, and nourish the development of long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

My funshops (workshops that are fun) nurture the special needs of your body through sensual thought, practice, and experimentation. We (actually, you, in the privacy of your home) also explore the pleasurable parts of your partner’s body, leading to a deeper understanding of their sexual needs as well as build a stronger bond in your relationship. 

Through my keynote speaking I ask hard questions and provide clarity and understandings on various topics pertaining to issues that revolve and sometimes plague even the best relationships.

My name is synonymous with great sex, connecting with others, and lasting relationships. Together, we’ll unleash your inner God/Goddess and  you will master complete mind and body fulfillment within yourself and with your partner.

Are you ready to unleash your inner power to achieve the ultimate relationship? Book your complimentary consultation today!