Sometimes you want to get your feet wet before jumping in. Hey, I get it! Here are some NLP techniques to get you moving forward, without any heavy commitments. These techniques are fast and changes are felt, heard, and seen instantaneously.

What is NLP? (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) It is how to use the language of the mind in order to produce the kinds of results you want to produce. NLP provides practical ways in which you can change the way that you think, view past events, and how you approach your life moving forward.


Is there a food that you like, and you wish you didn't like? Doritos, Coke, Timbits, coffee, Miss Vicki's Salt n Vinegar chips, etc.
Most likely, it is no longer aligned with your current lifestyle or values, yet you still reach for them. Remove the desire for it in an instant with this quick NLP technique. You'll be happy you did!



The Ring of Power allows you to access your top five best emotions whenever you need them. Heading to a job interview? Call on Confidence. Have a big project due? Call on Energized. Have a fun date night planned? Call on Falling on the Floor Laughing! Lol! Good news, you get to pick the five emotions. :)



Finding your self stuck in procrastination more often than not? Need to get motivated pronto? Blah to Blamm! will get you there to keep yourself on track and moving forward.



Need help figuring out why so-and-so is getting under your skin these days? This NLP technique will guide you thru three different perceptual positions, giving you a clearer perspective on the situation. This is an excellent tool to use within your relationships.



Do you have a minor unserving behaviour that you want squashed? Swish it out with this powerful NLP technique. Some great examples of behaviours you can swish out are nail biting, picking at your skin, or taking the trash out!



Do you wish you can get the advice of a legend who's already passed away? This is probably the most woo woo thing I do (and I don't do woo woo), and it works. I know you have questions about this one. Reach out to me pronto!



Meta Programs are the most unconscious of our unconscious programs. What's an unconscious program? Imagine we are a computer. Our programs would be equivalent to the the apps that run the computer. They drive behaviour and resources for those behaviours. What programs are running in your background, unconsciously? Meta programs are niether good nor bad. They are simply what is. And once you know what programs are present, you'll be able to decipher your strengths and weaknesses in order to strategize your next moves to produce the kind of results you want to produce.



Everything we do is a strategy. From how we put on our socks, unlock our phone, or how we use a fork. Some of our strategies are efficient and get the job done. Other strategies slow us down and sometimes stops us all together. Where in your life or relationship do you get stuck? It could be an unserving strategy. Let's uncover your strategies that keeping you stuck and install strategies to get you where you want to go!



Values are high-level generalizations that describe that which is important to you. Values can be thought of as the buttons that either attract or repel us in life. They determine if we are going towards, or away, from a result. Values are unconscious to us and our lives are as they are because of the values which we unconsciously hold importance to. Change one value and you change over 2500 behaviours that are connected to that value. We hold values in relationships, in health, in money, in our job/biz, in everything! Let's uncover your values and replace the ones that aren't working for you with values that will allow you to move forward in the direction you want to go!


Let’s get moving.

I’ve been working as a certified Master NLP Practitioner and Coach since 2015.

Together we can blow your socks off and get you pointed in the direction you want to groove in!

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"She is educated, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. A beautiful well rounded coach! [Maria] helped me believe and have faith in who I am as a person. Thanks for being YOU!"

- M.S. (Etobicoke, ON)

"The biggest breakthrough for me came when I observed my behaviours had changed, some dramatically, and some subtly without me having to repeat an affirmation or police my conscious mind."

- I.S. (Scarborough, ON)


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