I.S., Scarborough, ON

Initially I didn’t know what to expect when I started my appointment with Maria, I showed up open to the possibilities. She told me she is a relationship & intimacy coach so I thought it didn’t apply to me because I wasn’t currently in a relationship. I was happy when she changed my perspective and had what she called “breakthroughs”.

After our first visit I noticed what she referred to as a reasonable amount of emotion towards situations. I was present emotionally in all my responses to my life even comfortable with a discussion, which just a day prior to our visit I would have felt hesitant, even anxious about saying what I needed to say even though I new it was the right thing to say. The biggest breakthrough for me came when I observed my behaviours had changed some dramatically and some subtly without me having to repeat an affirmation or police my conscious mind. Connecting with her felt like the completion of a cycle, I woke up into a very aware and active version of myself. Each day becomes easier and easier to affirm being the person I’ve always known myself to be emotionally, spiritually, and mentally because of the shifts she’s helped me to make on a subconscious level....I continue to be amazed at how things are assimilating, my behaviour is consistent, my thoughts are clear, there is little to no inner conflict and when it does show up I’m able to let things go or act on it whatever is the best decision for me, continuing to cancel the negative out of my life:)