M.S., Toronto, ON

"Before working with Maria I had a scarcity mindset. I didn’t believe I could make the amount of money I wanted. I felt very undeserving and had such a limited mindset that it was causing me to stress and make my days depressing. The more the days passed the more I felt like I felt helpless. My insecurities and doubts were really weighing me down and I couldn’t see past my limitations. I was beginning to think I couldn’t do what I love to do and that I would have to settle for a part time job to keep up with my passion and help others. I was in conflict because a part of me felt like I could have everything I want and the other side was keeping me stuck, heavy and sad.

While working with Maria, I received the following:
• Clarity on my new found sense of millionaire mindset status
• Found joy within me that it is possible to live my dreams that I want for myself. 
• A boost in self confidence
• She helped me break free of my old thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. 
• She provided the support and reassurance that my goals are possible and achievable. 
• Set my money goals for 2016 and a breakdown blueprint of how I will accumulate my assets

And, as a result I now have:
• A blueprint of how I will reach my first $100,000
• A STRONG belief in myself that I am achieve whatever I want and be very deserving of it
• A new awareness of where I am headed
• She helped me realize I had an old story that I was living over and over
• She helped me break free of my limiting thoughts, beliefs and decisions
• It feels GREAT knowing that I can continue living my dreams and the abundance will appear

My advice for those thinking of working with Maria is if you are looking to increase your income, are stuck in financial rut and/or just need some advice on how to move forward with your business, she will help develop a plan and set you up to take ACTION so that you are well on your way to receiving money that you deserve. Even if you think you don’t need it, she will help you with a new awareness and show you more potential that you have. She is educated, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. A beautiful well rounded coach!

Thank you Maria for helping me with this new sense of awareness. It is truly remarkable that I lead with confidence and I can tackle things when they come my way because I have what it takes. You helped me believe and faith in who I am as a person. Thanks for being YOU! ”