Do you desire more passion in your relationship? It does not matter what stage we are at, most people are likely looking for more playful affection, deeper intimacy and definitely hotter passion. Here are some ways to keep the passion high.

Be Polar Opposites.

Passion is born from polarity. It is born when one person dances in their masculine energy as the other dances in their feminine energy, and they come together. Sparks fly! This rings true for both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. If both people dance in the same energy, they may get along hugely as buddies, just not as passionate lovers.

Be A Tease.

Yes, really. Be a down right tease. The way to tease her is thru romance. Keep the romance constant and consistent. Date nights are a great example. This pulls on her heart strings. Tease him with visuals. Masculine energy loves visuals. Whether he's seeing it in real life, or imagining a scenario you are describing. He can get pretty hot fast, so measure the intensity you do this at.

Be Kind.

It is so easy to avoid saying truthful things to your partner in order to not hurt their feelings. The unfortunate thing is they will, on an unconscious level, pick up on the hiding energy. And if your partner feels that you are hiding something, that can be a slippery slope of messiness. If truthful, as much as it may sting, you will be appreciated and definitely respected more. What's hotter than R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

Take Care Of Yourself.

In the beginning, it was fiery hot! You put careful thought into your clothes, your smell, your body language and your overall image. What about now? Are you still presenting the best version of yourself to your partner? f you've both fallen into this routine, all it takes is one person to reignite the effort and the other will soon follow.

Do Something New.

New experiences together, creates new cells in your body that act as a bonding agent to who you experience the new things with. Choose activities that can create intense emotions like laughter, or excitement. This is true for both in or out of the bedroom. :)




Do you need help finding your feminine or masculine sexy?