Strategy Session

$197 + HST/90 mins

This session will offer you a ton of value and awarenesses surrounding where you are today. Weather you are in a passionless relationship, single for "too long" or any number of issues. We will uncover what's been holding you back from what you truly desire. It will also relay to me the depth of the issue and give me clarity as to what you need, specifically, in order to move forward. 



$4995 + HST/3 months

Have you ever had an issue that persisted longer than six weeks? An issue that kept you from taking action, or moving forward, or from getting what you truly desire in life? This 3 month session is key for those who want more than they currently have. Weather it's finances, business, personal life or relationships - isn't it about time you gave yourself the life you truly want?



$450 + HST/2 hrs


Are you a smoker/vaper who wants to stop now? Do you suffer from physical pain that reduces the quality of your living? Do you have excess weight you would like to release? Hypnosis is a powerful tool to rid ourselves of un-serving behaviours. Pair this with follow up coaching sessions, for long lasting change, and a life you know you deserve.


Clearing Emotions

$350 + HST/2 hrs

Sometimes as humans, we get stuck in the roller coaster of our emotions. Wouldn't it be amazing if we knew how to get off the roller coaster at any given moment? Clearing excess negative emotions reduces the knee jerk reactions. How much more amazing would our relationships be (biz or personal) without the negative knee jerk reactions? It is recommended that a clearing be done every 3 months.



$250 + HST/hr

Sometimes a few sessions are needed. After all, personal development is a life long journey, and sometimes we all need a tour guide. Inquire for packages of 5 or more hours.