Many people have so many questions when it comes to sex and relationships. You can be as real and honest as you like. I will be truthful in return and only sugar coat if needed.  Place your questions in the form and I will answer them on the wall below within 48 hours.


Hi Maria,
Have 2 kids and a lovely wife but not attracted to her anymore. My kids are my everything and dont want to do anything to hurt them in anyway. They are too young to understand. What to do?? I need help. -Very Confused

Dear Very Confused,

So the problem is you are not attracted to your wife anymore, with a secondary problem of not want to hurt the kids. Do you want to leave her, or do you want to figure out a way to get back the attraction?

Let me answer both possibilities:

If your relationship with your lovely wife is over (sometimes we grow out of love with our person, and that’s ok), then the best thing to do for your children is to hit splitsville. Your children are already watching you both, and learning lessons of love through how you both interact with each other. They will see if there is love, anger, resentment, affection, or any other positive or negative emotion between you two. This will become their model of love for their future intimate relationships. (Remember, words are only 7% of communication. Body language is 56% and tone is 37%.) If you and your wife separate amicably, this will teach your children how to be real with their feelings and how to navigate tough situations.

If you’re looking to figure out a way to bring back the attraction with her, think back to when you first got together. What was it that made you swoon over her? Take those thoughts and take her out on a date. Leave the kids at home, or better yet at your parents overnight. Do something new together. Experience something that could be emotionally exhilarating. New experiences equal new cells in the body. These new cells will create a stronger bond between you two. Make it a priority to go on date night 2-4 times a month, without the children.

Lastly, if you’re not sure what to do or where to take her, check out my other site called Here you will find an array of different types of date nights, in different budget ranges. Be sure to click the calendar icon and let us know when you’re going on your date so that we can send you some fun bedroom antics for afterwards. After all, it is called, Get-Lucky! -With Love and Sincerity, Maria



Dear Maria,
I met this guy online, we've been seeing each other for about a month now. He's cool, funny, down to earth, fun to flirt with. I was just letting my guard down with him, totally digging him, and then he sends me a dick pic! I liked him and now I'm a bit creeped out. How do I respond?? -Creeped Out

Dear Creeped Out,

Oh the dreaded dick pic. As liberal as I am, who wants to receive blatant pictures of genitals? Whatever happened to leave some to the imagination?? Technology these days...used for good and for creepy. Ok you have two choices here: 1. You can send back a message saying, "You must have me confused with another type of girl. As much as I think we are getting along great, there's no need to slap me in the face with a close up [insert surprised face emoticon here.]" Saying this will show him you regard your self as someone with high value. And then you can follow it with, "Don't get me wrong, I'm all for going down that road, I like to be teased a bit first. Oil me up first before you start the ignition [insert winky face here]." Saying this will show him you are no prude, and if he chooses to start with a little romance, you're down to play. 2. If you are done with him, point of no return kind of done, your-eyes-can-never-un-see-what-you-just-saw kind of done you can say this, "I had a great time hanging with you, I just feel like you are not quite who I'm looking for at this point in my life." This allows you to exit, head held high. He will understand what went wrong and hopefully he will never send a dreaded dick pic to anyone ever again! (...unless you ask him to!)  -With Love and Sincerity, Maria


Dear Maria,
I treat women well, I have tremendous respect for them, I'm a nice guy, easy going, even cute. When I go on dates with what seems to be perfectly normal girls, why is it whenever it starts going well (2 or 3 dates in) they ghost me? -Utterly Confused

Dear Utterly Confused,

I'm going to be sweetly blunt here. This sounds like a pattern, and the common denominator in the pattern is you. It sounds like you are choosing women who are choosing to not love you. Where else in your life does this pop up? What other women are you allowing to "not love you". Mother? Grandmother? Sister? Past girlfriends? What is your relationship with them like? My advice for you is to see if you can remember the first time you chose to not be loved by a woman. Find the gifts within this. What I mean by this is what can you learn about yourself in this situation. What is this situation telling you about you? This will help you understand and let go of  the unserving unconscious energy that is keeping you from meeting a woman who will choose to love you.  -With Love and Sincerity, Maria